AUTHENTICATION BY SERIAL  NUMBER Seilar brand named as renewal energy for solar and heat pump water heater it’s mainly trackED by customer for authentication , for products made in Australia to start from AU and follow digit 93 then year/month of  production SEI then production unit number finally to finish 2233 PRODUCT SERIAL #  2020 […]

Mixed Response to the UK’s First Budget Since Committing to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

Despite the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak declaring that he was moving the UK towards a low-carbon economy with the introduction of new measures, environmentalists are not entirely happy. Though he has promised green measures that have been long-awaited he has at the same time frozen fuel duty for a 10th year and laid out plans for the […]

Fastest Decline of Carbon Emissions in 30 Years as Electricity Sector Moves Away from Coal

Carbon emissions generated by the global electricity sector fell by 2% in 2019, the biggest drop since at least 1990 when the International Agency began reported figures, as countries turned their backs on coal-fired power plants. According to a worldwide assessment by climate think tank Ember, coal-fuelled electricity declined 3% in 2019 which led to […]

Applications for Renewable Energy Projects Reaches New High in the UK

The number of applications for planning permission by new renewable energy projects reached a four-year high in the UK last year as demand for clean electricity continues to grow. According to an analysis of government data by energy consultancy PX Group, planning applications submitted across the UK for new wind, solar and bioenergy projects leapt […]