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Seilar brand named as renewal energy for solar and heat pump water heater it’s mainly trackED by customer for authentication , for products made in Australia to start from AU and follow digit 93 then year/month of production SEI then production unit number finally to finish 2233 PRODUCT SERIAL # 2020 AU93202001SEI012233 AU93202001SEI022233 AU93202001SEI032233 AU93202001SEI042233 […]

Manpower: the new alternative energy source.

When we think of alternative energy production, we automatically picture fields of wind turbines or homes laden with solar panels. However, can we still call these methods alternative when for the first time in 2019 renewable electricity overtook fossil fuels? Even with this great news, the UK is still a long way from being completely supplied […]

Six Eco-friendly Business Practices To Adopt Today

Climate change is currently top of the news agenda, with protests calling for climate action taking place all over the world. According to the United Nations, we now havejust over a decade to halt irreversible damage to our planet, so it’s time to make sustainability a priority in business. Moral responsibility isn’t the only reason […]

Solar Ready Buildings – How Design Impacts Solar Installations

Solar technology was once a big thing, but it fell off rather quickly because it couldn’t be applied, as it was expensive to build. However, in the past years, things have changed. Deployment has grown while the costs of solar design solutions have decreased. When it comes to solar-ready buildings, their designs don’t have to be […]